Eric Bredin: On concertina, mandolin and harp, Eric is a flight for all seasons; color commentary; dealers choice.  This artist crafts a little something for everyone with a finish ranging from citrus to smoky. Steadfast in his bearing on the warmth and complexity of music, Eric, like his kinship, are as true as a draw straight from the cask. It’s happy hour, folks–all day long.

​Our Story

Stan Dec: In an avant-garde union of a rarefied Christian name bestowed upon a beloved mother’s 1st son and the instrument he plays, the “Stanjo” artist crafts a sound as soothing to the ears as a hoppy bouquet is pleasing to the palette.  Stoic and deliberate, Stan’s musical roots span from classical eloquence to bare-fisted rock & roll.  Terra-firma, baby.  Terra-firma. 

Rob Leonard: Our storyteller, our guitarist, our core, Rob is to Paddy’s Cure what water is to beer: simple, straightforward, requisite. Find yourself entangled with a lusty performance style as authentic as a West Michigan sunset and pipes that will draw you into a soulful reflection of things that might have been.  Go ahead, just try not to engage.  I dare you.

Brian Hauenstein: Brian anchors the rhythm section like your go-to stout, steady, true, loyal. Hailing from Howard City where tannins in the water give way to an earthy, warm & welcoming character, his straight-forward approach to music can be traced back to the Emerald Isle itself (& he has a few stories to tell). As any bodhran player can attest, it’ll take more than a few pints to shake this lot!

Lindsay Bredin: If you’ve met Lindsay, then you’ve witnessed the masterful balance of the porter-like sounds of the cello and a voice as true as the angelic chimes of Bali.  Teasing the senses from draw to finish, the pairing renders many with the flesh of the goose.  As hopeful as northern lights, this lass inspires excellence transcending Lambic, mimosa, Tiffany & Co.  But please, don’t touch.​

​It was January 2010... With pint in hand, St. Patrick’s Day looming, and a local pub owner’s ear, Paddy’s Cure was conceived. Originally a loose collaboration of five West Michigan musicians with unique talents, a passion for performance, and a handful of Irish tunes, Paddy’s Cure assembled as a band without a name and without expectations. The crowd’s reaction that St. Patrick’s Day was hypnotic. Now a seasoned five-piece with a complete repertoire of Irish classics, modern day favorites, and originals, Paddy’s Cure has endeared themselves to folks at some of the coolest pubs, festivals, and private events around West Michigan.